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Oh god someone shoot me please. I had a facebook notification on my phone and for some reason decided to check it and I’m scrolling through my feed while the notification loads and then next thing i know I’ve liked the status of the guy I hooked up with/was kinda dating last month (who I’ve been wanting to text again but was unsure about) asking who wants to see a movie this weekend. I immediately unliked it but what do you know? He texted me literally 30 seconds later and I’m panicking more than a little. I explained it was an accident but it’s super awkward and I don’t even know what I’m doing right now. And I’m at leaky right now, I’m not supposed to be thinking about stupid guys. What has my life become?

  • WiFi: connected
  • Me: then fucking act like it
Am I the only one who thinks the design on these pillars in the OCCC looks strangely like Circular Gallifreyan?

Am I the only one who thinks the design on these pillars in the OCCC looks strangely like Circular Gallifreyan?


"But I am really proud of the fact that Alex was part of number Eleven’s life. My wife!"


Words you can use to describe Amy Pond besides ‘feisty’ or ‘flirty’ for amypuddles [original post]

I love this. Merciful and vengeful, scared and adventurous. Compassionate and insensitive, brave and scared, insecure and confident. Selfless and selfish and self-sacrificing. So dedicated and yet so afraid of commitment; the storyteller who chokes over words like “I love you” and “You’ve given up so much for me, I don’t want you to have to do that again.” Who spent so long running away from the ordinary but chose the slow path in the end.

She is so much, and I love her for it.



holmesfan | tin-pan-ali:

area 51 is just the american wizarding school

aliens is a perfect cover story




Drawings in Cecil Collins’ Class [1986-87]

Artist: Melissa Alley

Life Model: Alex Kingston

Source: [x]

[Click on the images and then open in new tab to see the full drawings]