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In Let's Kill Hitler, we see River kissing the doctor & giving him all her regenerations to bring him back to life. Then we see Amy and Rory smiling down at her while she's looking quite weak in bed. If you could write a scene about the doctor coming back to life & taking River to the hospital,etc, what would you say happened? Also, we see River at the Luna University saying she's looking for a good man and now we've seen 12 asking Clara if he's a good man. Coincidence or flashback or nothing?


Hello anon! Sorry it took so long to answer this, but I just posted the fic you prompted immediately before this. It’s the first thing I’ve been able to finish in months, so thanks for that! (Check the link for my fic tag on my blog if you didn’t see the post).

As to the other part of the ask- (under the cut because it’s kinda long and rambly):

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I’m off to bed. Yes, me, the one who hasn’t been to bed before dawn in weeks is going to sleep before midnight.

But tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my friend’s death and I’m not in a good mood and I’m exhausted from a lack of sleep, and I have to be up at like 6am for us to get to NY for the all day memorial thing our families are putting together. I won’t be on a whole lot tomorrow. I might make a post to get stuff off my chest, which will be tagged and under a read more. And I AM almost done with a small fic I’ve been working on and MIGHT finish during the car ride in the morning. If I do, I’ll post that, but if not, it’ll have to wait till the next day. But other than that, it’ll likely be a slow day post wise.

I’ll be back and back to normal again on wednesday!




this is my favourite version you cant stop me

weird these aholes are i mean like seriously what  

Omg  love this!

  • Steven Moffat: Matt Smith. Obviously the first I tried to when I took over, was try to get David stay another year and I very, very nearly succeeded, in the sense that I didn't. The best way of saying that you failed, is to say you nearly succeeded, I find.
  • Interviewer: And he's [David] done pretty well.
  • Steven Moffat: David? Yeah, he's still acting. [the audience laughs] Not many people who worked with me can say that. And then we just... I said 'we're going to get somebody older', I said ' minimum forties, nobody of the age of 27 can play the Doctor, it's absolutely impossible'. I've got the angry emails on record saying 'for god's sake, stop sending me people who are 27, 'cause they never ever will be able to play the Doctor and they'll never be able to flirt with Alex Kingston. It's not going to happen.' So I cast a 26-year-old, so technically I was right. And actually, I was right. Actually, most of the people - some brilliant actors - who were around that age weren't right at all. It's not actually a part for someone-
  • Interviewer: He [Matt] has an older soul.
  • Steven Moffat: That's the thing - Matt had something going on that was that... Well, any idiot would have cast him having seen his audition. It was obvious. He has that phenomenon of being carved out of a solid star, you cannot take your eyes off of him. Even if he's spilling coffee down his front, apologising to a woman who's instantly in love with him, sitting next to him. That's what he does, you can't take your eyes off of him. But he does have that thing that he does know how to play an old man without doing any old man acting at all. I used to say, just to wind him up, that he was like a young man assembled by an old man from memory. Which I think is about right: there is something old fashioned about him. But all of that stuff that he does is the Doctor, I have to say that, in fairness: it's performance. He isn't like that when you meet Matt. He's a young geezer and he's a cool young bloke. All this - it really is performance, created for the Doctor. Thing is, he loved it so much and still does that he would drop into that persona in an interview or over dinner with you. You'd think 'you're being the Doctor again!' You'd think he prefers being the Doctor!

Hey what is the link for the panel how much is it? I can't find it and I want to go!!!


The panel, or even Alex/Arthur themselves, aren’t listed on the Comic Con site at all, they’re only on the NYCC mobile app (the schedule was only just released today, so it’ll probably take a while for them to show up on the site proper.)

As far as I can tell, the panel itself is free (most panels are - the DW panels lately have had separate tickets presumably because Matt’s appearance fee is so high) but you DO need a ticket to comic con at least for the day you’re going. In this case, their only confirmed day is Thursday, which is the only day that isn’t sold out and you can get that ticket HERE! Good luck! :D

Alex Kingston and Arthur Darvill will be attending the 2014 NYC Comic Con

The Con is sold out for the weekend pass and Fri/Sat/Sun day passes but Thursday day passes, which is when the panel is, are still available for anyone still wanting to go and see them! (X)
Alex Kingston and Arthur Darvill will be attending the 2014 NYC Comic Con

The Con is sold out for the weekend pass and Fri/Sat/Sun day passes but Thursday day passes, which is when the panel is, are still available for anyone still wanting to go and see them! (X)


Ok, so apparently Alex and Arthur are both going to be doing a panel at NYCC in a couple of weeks. Neither are listed anywhere on the websotei or anywhere on the schedule other than for the panel, not even on the list of guests, so it’s really confusing. But assuming they’re actually doing the panel on thursday, is it safe to assume they’ll also be doing a signing the same day? Because Thursday is the ONLY day that isn’t sold out yet and I’m REALLY REALLY tempted to buy the damn day pass just on the off-chance that this actually works out. Bad-case scenario, I go and just get to see her LIVE on stage with Arthur. Worst case scenario, it’s all a big mistake and they’re not even gonna be there and I waste $35 but save all the the other money it would take to go (train ticket to the city, subway, food, autograph ticket). I think it’s worth it. I REALLY want my tattoo design signed. I got Matt to sign it and I REALLY want this done so I can finally get it done (not that I have the money for that either but at least it’ll be possible) NOw I’m kinda freaking out…

I did it! Worst case scenario, honestly (because there’s no way the schedule is just mysteriously wrong, unless she cancels at the last minute, in which case I’m screwed but I DOUBT THAT WILL HAPPEN BECAUSE I’M NOT THAT UNLUCKY), I go and see Alex and Arthur in person at a panel, which is awesome and wonderful in and of itself.

But really, how likely is it that they won’t have a signing and/or photo op the same day as their panel? That’s what usually happens. If they’re there, they’re there for the day. So I’m HOPING I’ll be able to purchase a signing (and a photo if she has one - who cares that I’m beyond broke and can’t afford any of this) and get my tattoo design signed and then I’ll be able to save up again and get my Doctor/River design with Matt AND Alex’s autographs tattooed. I didn’t get to meet her after Macbeth and I’m really trying to to get my hopes up that this will work out the way I want it to but I’m getting really excited anyway…