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Alex Kingston as Diane Freed in Crashing (2007)


things we have established about Alex Kingston from Matt Smith:


she likes to flirt 



"she’s very flirtatious"

  1. she’s flirty
  2. she flirts a lot
  3. flirting

Matt’s got this little habit of talking about Alex during his interviews…

And now with that utter failure in patience, I’m off to bed (never mind the fact the the sun’s gonna start rising in about 15 minutes).  

Matt’s got this little habit of talking about Alex during his interviews…

Ohhh I schedule posts all the time! It’s my forgetfulness - I’d never remember to post things at the right time otherwise. :-)

Haha well I never do post things at the right time - like my original post say, I usually post my new gifsets and fics smack in the middle of the night when normal people are long sleeping. Guess it’s just something I’ve gotten used to lmao

lol I almost always finish ANYTHING past 12 PT (why? Who knows) so I schedule stuff for the next day. :-)

You know, I don’t think I’ve EVER scheduled a post before? I queue things (when I remember/have the energy to tag a bunch of things at once) but I never schedule things. I don’t really know why. Idk, maybe it’s my OCD but I guess I just like hitting the post button and watching things go live. Even if they don’t take off and get tons of notes, it’s just cool seeing something I spent time on go live into the tumblrverse.

And I know that for me, I don’t finish usually finish until late because I usually don’t even start until past midnight. But this one I technically started yesterday afternoon, so no excuses here! lol

Why do I always, without fail, finish working on my gifsets between 3 and 4 in the morning? And here’s the eternal question - do I upload now or wait till morning (afternoon likely with my seep schedule) like a normal human being?